Grasp your customers’ reality.

As seen through their mobile, in-the-moment behaviors, thoughts, and opinions.

dscout’s multi-modal research platform collects and analyzes video, image, text, and survey feedback so you can build and share qual insights with quantitative heft, speed, and confidence.

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Three ways dscout can feed your customer obsession.

DIY Project

Field fast efficient mobile studies with dscout’s research platform.

Starts at $295

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dscout Pro Platform

  • Access all the features of the dscout Pro Platform to quickly build, field, analyze and share your study.
  • Field studies with up to 100 of your own research participants.
Technical support by email. Pay as you go by credit card.

Assisted Project

Get to richer insights with confidence powered by the dscout Pro Platform, and assisted by a research advisor.

Starts at $2000

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dscout research advisor assists with:

  • Recruiting and screening from our pool of 100K+ scouts (or bring your own participants).
  • Designing and programming projects and managing scouts.
  • Paying incentives.
  • Technical support via email or phone.

dscout Pro Platform

  • Capture video, photos and open- and closed-ended responses from participants via iOS and Android apps.
  • Start quickly with project templates for common study types.
  • Monitor studies via real-time dashboard.
  • Automatic video transcription.
  • Powerful analysis tools: tag, filter, geo-code and cross-tab results.
  • Robust privacy and data security.
  • Localized for Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish .
Payment by invoice or credit card with SOW.

Enterprise License

Customer insight on-demand across your whole organization with enhanced enterprise features
 and a dedicated dscout advisor.

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Dedicated dscout advisor provides:

  • As much support as your whole team needs to recruit, design, program and field an unlimited number of projects.
  • On-site team training.

dscout Enterprise Platform

Includes all dscout Pro Platform features PLUS:

  • Scout follow-up interviews.
  • Text Analysis.
  • Social missions.
  • Whitelabel missions and app.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Single sign-on (SSO).
  • Custom development.
Payment by invoice with MSA.

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Recruit participants from dscout’s diverse scout network.

Diverse community of research participants

Scouts join the network to share thoughts and experiences with their favorite companies.

  • Total Scouts > 100K
  • Average Age 32
  • Employed Full Time 60%
  • Male to Female Ratio 50/50
  • College or Post Graduate Degree 59%
  • iOS/Android 50/50

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