Fast simple qual research.

Discover how people experience products, services and everyday life — in the same moment they do.

dscout captures video, voices, images and text from anyone with iOS or Android. Recruit. Field. Analyze. Awesome.

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See how it works.

Use dscout to launch projects that people complete from their iPhone or Android device. Recruit, design research and dig into your data instantly all from the same place.

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Step 1

Screen participants.

Write a survey to qualify participants — we call them scouts — for your research. Field it to dscout’s network of over 100,000 scouts or bring your own.

Screener Applications in the Research App

Step 2

Design research.

Dscout research activities — we call them missions — are all about show and tell. Write instructions so scouts understand what to show you. Write up to 10 questions for scouts to answer each time they show it to you.

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Research Mission Builder in the Research App

Step 3

Get insights fast.

Photos, videos, location data and survey questions answered by scouts appear in your browser the moment they’re completed.

Scout Participant Snippet Entries in the Research App

Step 4

Dig into data.

Sort, filter, tag and export your data with dscout’s easy-to-use tools for researchers.

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Viewing Research Data in the Research App

See how hundreds of companies use dscout to answer their most important questions.

Generate Ideas

Trying to make your app better? Need a new flavor to round out your cookie portfolio? Get real users to give you ideas.

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Understand Behaviors

Use dscout to contextualize behaviors by seeing how, when and why they happen in the real world. Download the product discovery study to see what dscout learned about online shopping by asking scouts to share their purchases — online and off.

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Test Prototypes

Try before you buy. Get testers to evaluate your prototype — whether it’s software or a physical object — using dscout in the real world.

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Explore Environments

From kitchen layouts to closets, have scouts show you what their world looks like so you can excel at improving it.

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Recruit participants from dscout’s diverse scout network.

Diverse community of research participants

Scouts join the network to share thoughts and experiences with their favorite companies.

  • Total Scouts > 100K
  • Average Age 32
  • Employed Full Time 60%
  • Male to Female Ratio 50/50
  • College or Post Graduate Degree 59%
  • iOS/Android 50/50

Looking to participate?

Join thousands of scouts who are shaping tomorrow’s products today by sharing their experiences, ideas and aha moments. Learn More ›

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Complete an entire dscout project for less than renting a focus group facility for one day.

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  • Recruit
  • $595 Per Screener
  • Survey scouts to see who qualifies for your research and select the people you want. Alternatively, bring your own scouts and pay $0.
  • Research
  • $295 Per Mission
  • Field research using the dscout app with up to 100 scouts for up to 30 days.
  • Compensate
  • $25 – $100 Per Scout (Typically)
  • Pay scouts for their time for cost plus 10%.

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